Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today's show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Footage of Aron Stevens quitting NWA from last week's episode is played. He promised to "never return to this hell-hole again." Cut to the debut of the Question Mark, who made quite an impact in his in-ring debut by picking up an easy victory. We also see highlights of the Wildcards retaining over Eddie Kingston and Homicide in last week's main event. This led to a locker-room clearing confrontation, but the feed cut off before anything got physical.

The ongoing story of Kamille not speaking for herself is recapped. Commentator Joe Galli has done his best to be fair and ask Kamille questions but to no avail. James Storm's promo after losing the NWA National championship is played, where Storm sets his sights on world champion Nick Aldis, who he calls the "Killer Whale."

Intro song. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of Powerrr. Loud "NWA" chants from the crowd. They cut over to Dave Marquez who is prepared to interview world champion Nick Aldis. Aldis comes out in gear. Marquez asks about Kamille. "What do you need to know about Kamille," asks Aldis. "Here's all you need to know David. If you don't see Kamille by my side, just assume that her actions are her decisions and have nothing to do with me. This is the NWA, where we take care of business in the squared circle." Aldis then says he's going to prove why he is the greatest NWA champion in the modern era, and says he'll be facing Trevor Murdoch, a man he has a lot of respect for. He makes sure to announce that it's an exhibition, and not a title match.

Nick Aldis versus Trevor Murdoch

Aldis offers a handshake...Murdoch accepts. Tie-up. Wristlock from the champion. Murdoch immediately reverses the pressure. Aldis shows off his technique with a fancy counter but Murdoch powers him to the mat. He drives his shoulder in Aldis, then applies a hammerlock. Aldis attempts to switch around...Murdoch keeps the hold in...Aldis gets to the ropes to break it up. Murdoch kicks the ropes into Aldis' groin. He opens up on Aldis with running lariats, followed by three straight powerslams. Crowd is hot for this bout. Murdoch charges...Aldis gets an elbow up...Murdoch shakes it off and hits a full-nelson slam. He climbs...top rope bulldog connects! Cover...Aldis gets his foot on the ropes. Murdoch climbs again...Aldis nails a right hand and climbs up...Murdoch pushes him off but falls attempting a dropkick. Aldis quickly locks in the cloverleaf. Murdoch taps.

Nick Aldis wins by submission

Post match, Aldis says that he respects Murdoch, and offers another handshake. Murdoch obliges ending the segment.

Commercial for NWA's first pay per view, Into the Fire, which will stream on FITE TV. It's announced that the event is sold-out.

Rock 'N' Roll Express are out at Marquez's desk. They're in their gear. Morton says that they hope to become 9-time NWA tag team champions. This brings out the Wild Cards. Latimer and Issacs says that they don't care how many times Rock 'N' Roll Express have held the gold, they are the champs now, and the Express can kick their ass. Marquez then asks Latimer what his relationship with Kamille is. Latimer responds..."We're just friends."

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Flashback to last week, when the Question Mark defeated Parker in his debut. Commentary asks the question: "Who is the mark"? Back to the action. NWA National champion Colt Cabana has joined Galli and Cornette at the announcers table. He'll be watching Ricky Starks in action. Starks is already in the ring...he'll be facing the Question Mark.

Ricky Starks versus Question Mark

Mark rocks Starks with a big chop to start. He hits Starks in the cut, then sends him to the mat with a clubbing forearm. Starks lands a few shots of his own, but Mark slows the pace by chopping Starks down. He charges...Starks dumps him to the outside. Off the ropes...suicide dive from Starks. Brawl ensues. Aron Stevens comes out of nowhere and hits Starks. Referee calls for the bell.

Match is ruled a no-contest

Stevens and the Question Mark team up to assault Starks. Stevens holds Starks up for Question Mark's signature double-finger strike to the throat. He goes to do it again but Colt Cabana interrupts and chases Stevens and the Mark off. Stevens tries to pose for the crowd...he gets booed. However, the Question Mark poses and gets heavily cheered.

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Commentary tells us that tonight's main event will be Aron Stevens and the Question Mark facing Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana in tag team action. Eli Drake joins them. "Last time I stood out here...Ken Anderson wanted to come out here and make some noise. Seems like everybody just wants to come here and make noise." He then tells Anderson that if he wants to come at him, he will see that his expiration date has already come. This brings Anderson out. He runs down his accolades, including performing at the grandaddy of them all, but says he couldn't be happier than to be at the rebirth of the NWA. He says he's sick and tired of Drake running his mouth. "Let's do it right now. What do you say man?" Drake hesitates. He goes to take off his jacket and walk to the ring, but then attacks Anderson and slams him into ring. He reveals a metal turnbuckle rod from under the desk and smashes it off Anderson's back. Several referees and security come out to attend to Anderson. They physically restrain Drake from using the rod again.

Flashback to Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle teaming up to beat down women's champion Allysin Kay from a few weeks ago. This sets up the following tag team matchup.

Ashley Vox/Allysin Kay versus Marti Belle/Thunder Rosa

After some back and forth arguing by all four competitors...Belle and Vox begin. Tie-up. Vox applies a headlock. Belle forces her to the ropes to break the hold. They reset. Vox goes for a waistlock...Belle blocks it and hits an elbow. She switches behind Vox but Vox with a drop-toe-hold, followed by a jumping senton. Belle fires right back with a pump kick. She stomps Vox down. Rosa tags in...thunderous chop by Rosa. Early cover...Vox stays alive. Rosa slams Vox's face into the mat while staring at Kay on the apron and talking trash. Belle back in. Irish-whip...running lariat from Belle. She sets up again...running hip attack for a nearfall. Vox finally fights Belle off...Kay gets tagged in. So does Rosa. Rosa sends Vox into the turnbuckles with a shotgun dropkick. Kay and Rosa go at it...hockey fight! Kay slows Rosa with a roundhouse kick. Rosa escapes a package piledriver and drops the champion with a running dropkick to the head. She climbs to the top...Kay slaps her and sets up for a superplex...she gets it! They're both down. Melina is here! She comes down from the audience. Kay gets distracted...Rosa rolls her up! It's over!

Marti Belle/Thunder Rosa win by pinfall

As soon as the match is over, Kay gets up to retaliate but Belle rocks her. Rosa and Belle beat Vox and Kay down. Melina joins them in the ring...they all pose in the center while the drums of war play.

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Main event time. Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks are already in the ring. Aron Stevens and Question Mark are out second. Fans are in love with the Question Mark. Here we go.

Ricky Starks/Colt Cabana versus Aron Stevens/Question Mark

Starks chases Stevens out of the ring. Stevens avoids the angry Starks and tags in the Mark. Huge pop. Starks trips Mark into the ropes, then nails a standing dropkick. Cabana tags in. Chops to Mark's chest. He rings the Mark's arm...Mark answers with a karate chop. Stevens comes in but walks right into a hip-toss from Cabana. Starks chases Stevens again...he continues to run away, and brings in the Mark whenever he gets close. More chops from the Mark...he chokes Starks in the corner. Starks bounces off the ropes...back body drop. Stevens connects with his own karate chop, but the crowd doesn't respond the same way to the Marks'. Mark tags in and chops him. Huge pop. They repeat the spot back and forth. Stevens moons the crowd. This gives Starks an opening...sling blade! Cabana tagged in! He runs through Stevens, then knocks him into the corner. Tandem offense from Starks and Cabana. Mark tries to save his partner but Starks and Cabana send him to ringside. Starks tries to rip off the Marks's mask...Stevens hits Starks from behind while the referee is distracted by Cabana. Mark hits his signature spike! Stevens makes the pinfall...it's over.

Aron Stevens/Question Mark wins by pinfall

James Storm comes to the interview desk. He calls the main event bull**** because Cabana should be defending his title instead of being in exhibition matches. He says the same thing about Nick Aldis. Kamille comes out and whispers something into Storm's ear. He smiles.

That's the show friends.