Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today's show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Flashback of world's champion Nick Aldis joining the Television title tournament, claiming that he's defeated all challengers and was looking for another belt to add. Aldis bowed out of the tournament last week, when he was supposed to face former friend/rival Tim Storm. He's introduced his new faction with the Wildcards and Kamille as Strictly Business. Royce Isaacs would then face Storm, but was defeated. Footage is spliced with Aldis' beef with the Rock 'N' Roll Express' Ricky Morton.

Song intro. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli welcomes us to the show and is already at the interview desk. He introduces Tim Storm, who comes out to a sizable pop and in a flashy suit. Galli asks Storm about moving forward in the tournament. "The NWA Television title has been the work horse throughout history. Some of the greatest names in wrestling have carried that...I would be proud to keep that going." Fans cheer. Storm says that he could potentially be drawing an opponent from another opponent for future matchups. He goes on to call the NWA fans the best, and berates Nick Aldis for bowing out of their tournament bout. "What we didn't get...was the best possible match, and that's completely on Nick Aldis. He says Strictly Business...that becomes personal."

Kamille comes out to a chorus of boos. She pushes Galli out of the way and grabs the microphone. Kamille acts like she's going to say something, but instead shoves it in Storm's face. Storm continues to run down Aldis for no showing a main event in front of the NWA fan-base. "They deserve to see the man that's on those posters. They deserve to see the man who holds the ten pounds of gold. Is he a coward?" Kamille slaps Storm so hard the sound echoes through GPB studios. She smiles and walks away.

Back from break...Trevor Murdoch and the Dawsons are with Dave Marquez at the interview desk. Murdoch is asked about the participants in the TV title tournament. He says that the NWA has brought the top talent out for the fans, but he's looked at the list, and he believes he could defeat "any single one of them." Marquez chooses Zane Dawson as the first entrant...and his opponent...Dave Dawson! Match is announced for next week. That means that Murdoch's first opponent is the Wildcard's Thomas Latimer.

Zicky Dice versus Caleb Konley TV Title Tournament

Konley rolls Dice up...two count. Dice goes for a pin...quick sequence of ground wrestling. Dice grounds Konley with a clubbing blow but walks right into a small package...another two count. Pace picks up...Dice dodges a dropkick, then plays to the crowd. Konley hits the dropkick this time and Dice rolls to ringside. Konley brings Dice back into the ring thanks to the ropes. Huge chop. Irish-whip and back body drop in succession. Dice lands a few blows but Konley retakes control with a rope-assisted headscissor. Leg sweep from Konley, followed by a jumping senton for a nearfall. Only three-minute left. Dice catches Konley in a bearhug...he turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Konely kicks out. Dice misses a cannonball. He charges for a splash but misses that as well. Konley levels Dice with a haymaker. Running face-wash. He calls for a moonsault...Dice moves away...rude awakening. It's over.

Zicky Dice wins by pinfall and advances to the TV Tournament Finals

Interview with National Champion Aron Stevens and the Question Mark. Galli asks Stevens if the Mark is Stevens teacher. Stevens says of course, then goes on a rant about bringing American culture to the Mark. "Bottom line...if you look at my career...I never needed a title to be a star. As my shift has focused...the best need the belts." He still refers to the title as the "third-degree" National Championship. The Mark interjects to give Stevens the correct pronunciation of KARATE. They say that when the planets align, they will get the tag titles, the TV title, and the world title. Galli asks why Stevens won't put his title on the line if he believes they deserve to be champions...Stevens wraps the interview up shortly after that.

Women's champion Allysin Kay joins Stu Bennett and Galli at the commentary table. Thunder Rosa is already in the ring for her showdown with ODB. ODB is out second.

Thunder Rosa versus ODB

Tie-up. Rosa grabs a waistlock then shifts to a headlock. Knee to ODB's gut. Arm ringer. ODB fires off a few knee shots of her own. Stiff exchange back and forth...ODB nails an overhand chop and traps Rosa in the corner. ODB smashes Rosa's head off the turnbuckles but Rosa refuses to stay down. Huge strike. Leg kick combo by Rosa. She bounces off the ropes...ODB hits a lariat. Rosa baits ODB in...drop-toe-hold sends ODB into the ropes. Running attack from Rosa. Ground and pound. ODB switches positioning...Rosa regains half-guard. ODB goes for a corner splash but Rosa moves and levels ODB with a dropkick. Snapmare and PK from Rosa. She goes for a cobra-clutch...it's in.

On commentary...Bennett tells Kay that Melina has been the one fans predict will take the title off of her. Kay accepts the challenge and is willing to face Melina whenever. Back and forth striking from Rosa and ODB again...ODB runs through Rosa with shoulder blocks. Rosa to the middle-rope...ODB catches Rosa and sends her flying with a fallaway slam. ODB goes for a middle-rope attack now...Rosa moves and follows up with a running basement dropkick. Rosa taunts ODB, then hits a backstabber. To the top...Rosa connects with the double-stomp. That'll do it. HUGE POP from the crowd.

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall

Commercial for the The Rock 'N' Roll Express Hotline featuring Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.

Nick Aldis comes to the interview desk. Crowd is the loudest they've ever been booing him. He patiently waits for them to quiet down. "Coward" chants erupt. Galli says he has a list of questions.. First one is about Kamille. Aldis opens by saying that Kamille is no longer his insurance policy, because she is a fully-fledged member of Stricly Business. He puts down Tim Storm, then calls Ricky Morton a carny. Aldis says he has enough stroke in the NWA that he'll get the Wildcards in the conversation for a future title shot real soon. "The reason I am wrestling Ricky Starks is because I want to prove that I can beat an athlete of Starks' caliber in just under 6 minutes." Aldis calls himself the Oprah of wrestling because he constantly "makes people." "Tonight...Ricky Starks gets made by the National Treasure."

Advertisement for the Hard Times pay per view, followed by the newest merchandise items.

Aldis waits in the ring. Ricky Starks comes out. Here we go.

Nick Aldis versus Ricky Starks

Tie-up. Aldis with a headlock. Starks bounces him off the ropes...Aldis runs through him, then carwheels over his body. Aldis poses in the corner...Starks doesn't look pleased. They reset. Starks grabs a headlock this time...he hits a shoulder block and a dropkick. School-boy from Starks...only two. Flying crossbody attempt that Aldis catches...he turns it into a stalling suplex. Aldis mounts Starks and clubs him across the face. Starks fires off a few shots but Aldis comes right back with a stiff lariat. He rocks Starks with an elbow. Slam and headlock. He's wearing Starks down. Marquez announces that there's only three-minutes left in the match.

Fans rally Starks to his feet. He unloads a combo on Aldis, then follows up with a sling-blade. Corner spear lands. He goes for a tornado...Aldis blocks it but Starks keeps the pressure on with a middle-rope dropkick. Aldis slides to the outside...Starks comes out of nowhere...suicide dive connects. Starks throws Aldis back in and climbs...moonsault misses and he hurt his knee...Aldis goes for the cloverleaf...cradle from Starks! Two count. Aldis goes for it again and has it locked in...one minute left! Starks is screaming in pain! He tries to crawl to the ropes...Aldis really locks it in deep! Only 10 seconds left...time expires.

Match Ends In A Time-Limit Draw

Aldis thinks he's won the match but referee Bryan Hebner tells him that time ran out. Aldis screams at the crowd, who let him hear it for not winning. Ricky Morton comes out with a microphone. Morton asks if the crowd wants five-more minutes...they want it! Starks wants it! Aldis...says no. He believes he's won because Starks was basically finished. This leads to more "coward" chants. Morton responds: "If you're not going to give him five more minutes...how about you give me five more minutes." Crowd is loving this! Aldis denies him as well. He grabs the ten pounds of gold and leaves.

After a quick commercial, we're ready for our main event. Eli Drake and James Storm are out first, followed by Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson. The Wildcards are supposed to come out but don't show up. This is just announced as a two on two. Bennett tells us backstage that Aldis pulled the Wildcards from this match.

Eli Drake/James Storm versus Colt Cabana/Ken Anderson

Cabana and Drake begin. Wristlock from Cabana. Nice sequence of ground-wrestling. Drake breaks free and hits a running elbow. Early pinfall attempt...Cabana kicks out. Cabana traps Drake in the corner...pace picks up...Cabana picks the arm and brings Drake down. Anderson tags Cabana without his knowledge and comes in. He lays into Drake with stiff forearms. Drake ducks a lariat and takes Anderson down with a flying shoulder tackle. Storm tags in. Huge right hands...Anderson dumps Storm...he skins the cat to come back in. Flying headscissor from Storm. Anderson grabs Storm's hair and pulls him down to the crowd's dismay. Cabana tags in...he and Anderson don't seem to be on the same page. Quick-tag brings Anderson back in. Headlock.

Storm break free with an enziguri and brings in a fresh Drake. Big powerslam by Drake. He hits his signature jumping elbow. Punt kick...Anderson traps Drake in his team's corner. Cabana whips Drake hard into the turnbuckle. Clutch hold applied. Drake escapes...lariats Anderson off the apron, then hits a middle-rope dropkick onto Cabana. Anderson runs to the other side and pulls Storm down, then whips his leg into the apron. Cabana goes for the Superman pin...Drake kicks out. Anderson angrily grabs the referee. He's not going to take that and DQ's them.

Eli Drake/James Storm win by disqualification

Cabana and Anderson argue afterwards. Several referees separate the two teams. Cabana continues to ask Anderson what his problem is. "You're better than that he screams." Everyone leaves.

Nick Aldis and Kamille come out with the Wildcards and go right to the interview desk. Aldis says he is the reason the Wildcards were pulled. "This is the house that Nick Aldis built. God giveth...God taketh away. We decided it was not in Strictly Business' best interests. He calls out the Rock 'N' Roll Express. Morton and Gibson come out. Aldis says he's not entirely sure how all of this escalated, but the only way this is going to be settled is through physicality. He challenges the Rock 'N' Roll Express to a six-man tag match. If Morton's team wins he gets a world title shot. Morton says that he's faced off against world champions in the past, and they went 60 minutes. Aldis specifies his stipulation. He says that he and Morton will not be competing in the match. He introduces his team. The Wildcards...and SCOTT STEINER. BIG POPPA PUMP IS HERE. He's comes to ringside and slaps hands with Aldis.

That's the show friends.