Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today's show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

A recap of the last two weeks of Powerrr highlighting world champion Nick Aldis' issues with Rock 'N' Roll Express member Ricky Morton. This led to a six man tag pitting two teams chosen by Aldis and Morton against each other. Since Morton's team picked up the victory, he will receive a world title shot, which will serve as today's main event.

Intro song. (INTO THE FIRRRRE!)

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another episode of Powerrr. They remind the viewers that this is the go home show before this weekend's Hard Times pay per view.

Over to Dave Marquez at the interview desk. Robert Gibson joins him. He says he feels like a kid at Christmas time because his partner Ricky Morton gets to challenge for the world's champion. He calls himself Morton's number one fan. "Let's go out there and get it."

First bout will feature women's division. Thunder Rosa takes on Tasha Steelz.

Tasha Steelz versus Thunder Rosa

Steelz goes for a lariat but Rosa ducks...headlock from Steelz. Pace picks up...nice sequence of counters...Rosa snapmares and PK's Steelz in the back to gain early control. Rosa chokes Steelz in the corner with her foot. Steelz fires back with a big right hand...Rosa drops her immediately with a running knee. Dragon sleeper applied by Rosa. She talks a little trash before clubbing Steelz over the head. Trio of neckbreakers. Rosa puts Steelz in the corner...Irish whip and charge...Steelz gets an elbow up...Rosa comes back in...Steelz stomps her down. To the middle-rope...Rosa surprises Steelz with a dropkick! She deadlifts her with a reverse DDT. That'll do it.

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall

Post match Marquez speaks with Rosa. He asks what Melina's plan is for tonight. Rosa tells Marquez to ask her himself. "She's the only one who knows."

Promo from Nick Aldis. He comments on Marty Scurll's upcoming appearance at the next set of Powerrr tapings. Aldis says that Scurll went around him to management to get on the card, so Aldis went to the heads of ROH and is now on the Free Enterprise card. Aldis calls on all of the NWA fans in Baltimore to attend the show and represent brand supremacy. "Marty...I will be there. I hope for once you will strap on your wrestling gear and see me in the ring."

Back to the interview desk with Joe Galli. Wildcards member Royce Isaacs, along with Mae Valentine, join him. Galli asks how Aldis has been preparing for his main event. "This is real cute Joe." Isaacs berates Galli for always asking questions about other people instead of interviewing who is right in front of him. He says that Strictly Business is on fire right now. Galli reminds him that he's been on a losing streak, including to Tim Storm twice. Galli implies that Isaacs has been on this losing streak since he started dating Valentine. It gets revealed that Isaacs and Mae have yet to sleep together. This ends the segment.

A commercial for Austin Idols professional wrestling psychologist.

Thomas Latimer is in the ring for this TV title tournament qualifier. His opponent...Trevor Murdoch. As a reminder these matches have a six-minute time limit.

Thomas Latimer versus Trevor Murdoch TV Title Qualifier

Latimer attacks Murdoch as he steps into the ring. Huge rights hands and stomps. Corner elbow and lariat from Latimer, followed by a short-armed lariat. Murdoch rolls to ringside to recover...Latimer in quick pursuit. He continues to batter Murdoch with right hands, then slams his head off the apron. Latimer breaks the referee's count so he can continue his assault on the outside. Back in the ring...Latimer forces Murdoch into the corner again. Hard Irish-whip and Murdoch is down. Latimer sends Murdoch off the ropes...pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall. Latimer is angry. He charges Murdoch in the corner...Murdoch moves and school boys him...got em!

Trevor Murdoch wins by pinfall and advances in the tournament

A montage of clips showcasing Melina's ongoing feud with women's champion Allysin Kay. Melina says that Kay thinks she's the best, when she's not. "I may be a b---h, but the thing is when it comes to that championship...I make people work for that. I never had it easy. I had to earn everything just like everybody else. Right now I am a living legend."

Advertisement for NWA's newest merchandise items.

Kay and Melina are now at the interview desk with Galli. Melina starts. "I asked you out here Allysin because I want to make sure there are no further miscommunications. You've made it no secret that you've been itching to get someone from my family...so I'm going to give you what you want." Melina announces that Kay will face Thunder Rosa at the Hard Times pay per view for the women's title, then tells her that she has to face Marti Belle in a no-DQ match later today. Kay accepts, then kisses Melina on the nose. "You won't be able to escape me forever baby girl."

Allysin Kay versus Marti Belle NO DQ

Belle connects with a boot to Kay's gut. Belle smashes Kay's head off the turnbuckle, then stomps her down. Huge forearm to Kay's chest. Off the ropes...Kay hits a pump kick that sends Belle to the outside. Kay follows her out...they brawl on the outside each landing huge chops. Discus forearm by Belle. She follows up by dropping her on the steel steps. Belle grabs a steel chair and goes to hit Kay...Kay blocks it at first, but Belle eventually nails her in the midsection. Belle puts the champ's head through the chair and pulls back choking her. Belle sits Kay down and charges...Kay moves and Belle collides with the chair. Kay drives Belle's head into the chair, then bounces Belle off the apron. Fight moves to the crowd. Kay batters Belle across the chest for a 10 count, which the crowd joins in on. Back in the ring...Kay has the chair...Belle begs her not to use it...Kay hesitates and drops the chair...Belle tries to grab it but Kay had it scouted. Kay hits a twisting facebuster right on the chair for the victory.

Allysin Kay wins by pinfall

Another video package highlighting tonight's main event between Nick Aldis and Ricky Morton, including Aldis going to a draw with young upstart Ricky Starks. At one point...Morton said that real world champions use to be able to go 60-minutes every single night. Footage of Morton's team winning him the title shot is played.

Out next is Pope and Eddie Kingston. They meet Marquez at the interview desk. Pope is asked about Outlaw Inc's loss last week. Pope says he didn't lose, all he did was put Kingston and Homicide in a position to succeed. "If Pope can push you...then Pope gonna push daddy." He takes off his sunglasses and says that he is still searching for his horsemen, and once he finds them, they are going to bring change in the NWA. Kingston is next. He says that he and Homicide shouldn't have had the match because Homicide was still injured. He says that Pope convinced them to do it, but that they should have gotten that victory. "We don't lose...we learn."

Kyle Davis takes over for Joe Galli at the commentary desk with Stu Bennett. Dave Marquez is then joined by NWA National champion Aron Stevens. He introduces a karate demonstration by his mentor, the Question Mark. Crowd goes nuts, followed by chants of "Karate." Question Mark enters the ring with two assistants, and showcases some of the Mongrovian techniques and striking ability. Question Mark, along with Stevens narration, show how to disarm someone with a weapon, including household items. Question Mark goes to break a board but Stevens stops him and says "I'm ready." He comes into the ring and bows. He goes to the board help up by the assistants...he hesitates...one of the assistants nails Stevens with the board! He takes his mask off... It's Ricky Starks! He runs to the interview desk. "Ricky Starks never EVER forgets."

CW Anderson is out first for the last chance gauntlet to determine the final spot in the TV title tournament. Caleb Konley is next. Bennett tells us on commentary that a new competitor will enter every two minutes. Eliminations occur by pinfall, submission, or by throwing an opponent over the top rope. There will be 8-men total.

TV Title Gauntlet

Tie-up. Konley and Anderson show off their ground wrestling technique. Konley goes for a leg submission but Anderson kicks him off. Next participant...

Jocephus is the next entrant

He charges at Anderson and Konley...they dump him over the top rope.

Jocephus has been eliminated

Anderson and Konley continue to go at it. Konley applies a single-leg crab. Next participant...

Colt Cabana is the next entrant

Crowd give Cabana a nice ovation. Cabana nearly gets tossed out...Cabana stays on the apron and takes out Konley and Anderson with a springboard crossbody. He jabs them both... double bionic elbow. Russian leg-sweep into a submission. Anderson comes out of nowhere with a sliding lariat for a nearfall. Next participant...

Dave Dawson is the next entrant

Dawson traps all three men in the corner and hits a stinger splash. Jumping senton onto Anderson. Cover...only two. Anderson slows Dawson's momentum with a rocking forearm. Konley drops Anderson with a backfist. Flying crossbody...Dawsons catches him and fallaway slams him into Cabana and Anderson. Next participant...

Aron Stevens is the next entrant

All competitors are down except for Stevens. He hides underneath the ring. Zicky Dice is out next, but not a competitor. He tells the fans that he is undefeated , and is already in the tournament at the pay per view. He wishes the rest of the guys luck then leaves. The other wrestlers just look at him, then continue going at it. Next participant...

Sal Rinauro is the next entrant

Rinauro comes in hot. He hits an elevated stunner on Anderson, then a backflip kick onto Konley. Dawson out of nowhere with a dropkick. Cabana calls for all men to team up on Dawson...Konley hits an impressive moonsault. They all pin Dawson.

Dave Dawson has been eliminated

Next participant...

Ken Anderson is the next entrant

Anderson comes in hot. Flatliner onto Rinauro. Pin...He's gone.

Sal Rinauro has been eliminated

Konley goes for his moonsault. Cabana moves. Anderson takes him out with a flatliner as well. Cover...bye bye Konley.

Caleb Konley has been eliminated

Cabana catches CW Anderson in the Superman pin. He's gone.

CW Anderson has been eliminated

The Question Mark comes out, Aron Stevens jumps into the ring. Some miscommunication leads Mark to striking Stevens. Anderson and Cabana take advantage and dump Stevens out.

Aron Stevens has been eliminated

Just Cabana and Anderson left. Anderson with a school boy for the victory.

Ken Anderson wins the gauntlet to earn a spot in the TV Title tournament

Afterwards Cabana and Anderson share a hug. Anderson low blows him...flatliner. Anderson walks over Cabana, then sends him to the outside. He smashes Cabana's face off the ring post. Referees and security tells Anderson to leave as they attend to Cabana. Anderson eventually leaves, looking pleased at the damage he's caused.

Preview for the Hard Times pay per view.

James Storm and Eli Drake join Marquez at the interview desk to talk about today's main event. Drake says that the NWA is all about catching lightning in a bottle, and that might happen when Morton defeats Aldis for the world title. Storm is next. He admits that he lost his Into The Fire match, but he'll earn his opportunity to one day once again be champion. "Tonight is about Ricky Morton. He showed me all the time that the underdog can always beat the big dog if he has the will, the drive, and the heart. I was standing backstage having a couple of adult beverages, and I saw Morton all hyped up on Mountain Dew." Storm leads the fans in the GPB Studios in a prayer asking God to help Morton kick Aldis' ass.

Breaking news from Joe Galli. He announces that Matt Cross is one of the competitors joining the TV title tournament, as well as ROH's Dan Maff. A promo from Maff. He says that the TV title was held by legends like Dusty Rhodes. He warns the competitors in the tournament that he'll do whatever it takes to win the gold.

Interview with Flip Gordon. "Nick...Nick...Nick. So you claim Atlanta as your territory yet you come into Ring of Honor and attack me from behind. Okay...well you come into my house...I guess it's fair that I come into yours. But you see Nick I'm not the same kid I was two years ago, because Marty took me under his wing and made me the Mercenary. You've got 10 pounds of gold...and I'm coming for it."

Galli then tells us that the tag titles and the National championship will be on the line at Hard Times. Rock 'N' Roll Express will defend against the Wildcards and James Storm/Eli Drake. Meanwhile...Aron Stevens will defend against Scott Steiner.

It's main event time. Billy Corgan joins Bennett and Galli on the commentary table. Fans in the studio give him a nice ovation. Ricky Morton is out first, alongside Robert Gibson. The champ Nick Aldis is out next, followed by the rest of Strictly Business. Corgan whispers into Bennett's ear. Bennett addresses the crowd and says that all members of Strictly Business, as well as Robert Gibson are banned from ringside. Here we go.

Nick Aldis versus Ricky Morton for the NWA World Championship

After circling each other, Aldis slides to the outside to stall. He plays to the crowd, yelling that he's taking his time otherwise it'll be a short main event. They finally tie-up. Aldis forces Morton into the corner...referee forces them to separate. Second tie-up. Aldis wins the exchange again by pushing Morton into the turnbuckles. Third tie-up. Morton applies a headlock. Aldis tries to break free but Morton keeps it locked on. He brings Aldis to the mat. Aldis goes for a back suplex...Morton uses his momentum to keep the headlock applied. Aldis pulls at the hair...he gets to the ropes. Big chop by Aldis...Morton shakes it off and hits a right hand that takes the champ down. Aldis kicks Morton and lands a few right hands but Morton hits a few of his own. Morton asks Aldis if he's ready to wrestle now. Aldis calls for a knuckle-lock...Aldis baits him and puts Morton in the hammerlock. Morton elbows his way out. He climbs Aldis in the corner...he goes for a 10 count...Aldis goes for an atomic drop...Morton blocks it and connects with a big right hand. Aldis slides to the outside to regroup.

Tired of waiting...Morton chases Aldis on the outside but the champ takes control by driving Morton into the ring post. He pushes him back in the ring and elbows his head draped over the apron. Back in the ring...Aldis whips Morton into the turnbuckles hard. He climbs to the top for his signature elbow drop...Morton crotch drops him. They trade fists...Aldis tries a leaping axe-handle but Morton punches him in the gut. Aldis retakes control with a powerslam. He takes his time climbing to the top once again...Morton jumps up and slams him. Frankensteiner by Morton for two. He picks Aldis' leg and puts him in the figure-four. Aldis is in the center...his shoulders drop...two count...Aldis screaming in pain...he gets to the ropes. Aldis charges Morton...he cradles him but Aldis reverses into a cradle of his own...it's over.

Nick Aldis wins by pinfall and retains the NWA World Championship

As Aldis celebrates...the feed is interrupted by a Villain Enterprises message. "We'll see you Friday Nick. -Marty Scurll."

The full match card for NWA Hard Times is revealed.

That's the show friends.