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A recap of this weekend's Worlds Collide pay per view is show. Highlights from the show were Jordan Devlin becoming the new NXT cruiserweight champion, Rhea Ripley retaining her NXT title against Toni Storm, DIY reuniting to defeat Moustache Mountain, and Imperium outlasting the Undisputed Era despite losing Alexander Wolfe early in the matchup.

Intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boyds)

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK in York Barbican England. They hype today's main event, which teams Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, and Dave Mastiff against Imperium.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way to the ring for our opening contest. Their opponents...The Hunt (Wild Board & Primate).

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch versus The Hunt

Burch and Boar begin. Tie-up. Boar forces Burch to the ropes. Burch counters with a wristlock. Boar uses his power to gain position...waistlock applied. Burch brings Board down with a side headlock takeover. Straight punches to Boar's face. Boar whips Burch into the corner and drives his shoulder into Burch's midsection. Primate tags in. He hits a double-axe handle off the top. Lou Thez press attempt but Burch dodges it and Primate strikes the mat. Lorcan in now. He loudly chops Primate before quickly tagging back Burch. Uppercut. Primate fights Lorcan and Burch off and manages to bring back in Boar. Boar charges...Lorcan surprises him with an elbow. Double-suplex from Burch and Lorcan. Cove...Boar kicks out. Crowd tries to rally Boar back into the match...Lorcan slows his momentum by applying an abdominal stretch. Boar bites Lorcan's wrist to break the hold. Primate comes in hot. He sends Lorcan and Burch into the corner with suplexes. Back and forth corner lariats. Primate lands another huge lariat on Lorcan that nearly wins the match. He charges again...Primate strikes the ring post. Burch hits a German suplex, followed by an assisted powerbomb with a stack...Primate kicks out. Doomsday device set up...Primate throws Burch out, then suplexes Lorcan again.

Boar gets the hot tag...he lays out Burch. Burch fires back with a stiff headbutt. Lorcan and Burch get sent into each other. The Hunt try and take advantage but Lorcan and Burch isolate Primate away. Elevated DDT combo...that'll do it.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch win by pinfall

Footage of Toni Storm being interviewed from Worlds Collide. She blames her loss to Rhea Ripley on Kay Lee Ray for still being inside her mind. "This has to end," she says before walking off.

Commercial for WWE shop.

Eddie Dennis makes his way out to the ring next. He grabs a microphone and directs the audiences attention to the titantron, where clips of his matchup with Trent Seven from Takeover Blackpool II is shown. "I took a pillar of NXT UK...a founding father...Trent Seven...and I picked him up above my head. When the referee didn't let me throw him into the turnbuckle, it forced my hand, and I had to send him sailing over the top rope." Seven interrupts. "'re boring, and more importantly're a liar and a cheat. As much as the history books will forever say that Eddie Dennis defeated Trent Seven at Takeover Blackpool II, I feel like the history books will forget about you exposing the turnbuckles." Seven goes on to propose a rematch. Fans cheer. "But this time...we expose four corners of steel. We do this again." Seven says he doesn't care where he and Dennis end up, then adds that it should be a street fight. Dennis goes to take a swing at Seven but Seven is prepared and pummels Dennis to the outside. This ends the segment...with no answer on Seven's challenge being given yet.

Tyler Bate gets interviewed. A-Kid interrupts to tell Bate that his match with Jordan Devlin was fantastic, and he hopes to one day be as good as Bate is. Bate responds by challenging Kid to a friendly matchup on next week's show. They shake hands.

Ridge Holland versus Tyson T-Bone is teased for later in the show. An advertisement for this week's SmackDown is shown.

Aoife Valkyrie vignette is played.

Nina Samuels makes her way to the ring for women's division action. She'll be taking on...Isla Dawn.

Nina Samuels versus Isla Dawn

Tie-up. Samuels whips Dawn to the mat...Dawn right back up. Nice sequence of arm-drags and ground wrestling. Dawn goes to throw Samuels but she carwheels out. Dawn shows off her flexibility with a full-leg split. Samuels slows the action down with a headlock...shoulder bump from Samuels. Dawn catches Samuels in a pin attempt...two. Dawn lands a dropkick. She charges Samuels in the corner...Samuels moves and Dawn strikes the corner and goes over. She comes up holding her leg. Samuels takes advantage and hits a handspring kick as Dawn tries to come back into the ring. Samuels rag-dolls Dawn from the hair. She traps Dawn in the corner...hard Irish-whip. Jumping axe-kick, followed by a twisting leg-drop from Samuels. Sleeper attempt...Dawn fights off. She counters a powerslam and rocks Samuels with a big right. Samuels retakes control by slamming Dawn's head into the turnbuckles with her legs. She misses a knee strike. Dawn follows up with a back suplex and running elbows. Pump knee. Another nice sequence of reversals. Dawn climbs to the top...meteora connects. Half-and-half by Daw win pin...she got her!

Isla Dawn wins by pinfall

Cut to an interview from Worlds Collide with Ilja Dragunov following his loss to Finn Balor. "What can I say...I'm searching for those big battlegrounds and Finn gave me that. I can learn from this." He goes on to say that he did not miss when coming for Finn, as he busted him open. He then addresses Joe Coffey. "Joe Coffey is coming for me...and I will not miss again."

Preview for Super Showdown pay per view.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch give an interview saying that they've come to NXT UK because they heard there was great tag team wrestling here. They say they want to test themselves against the Gallus next.

Tyson T-Bone is out for his scheduled bout with Ridge Holland.

Tyson T-Bone versus Ridge Holland

Tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage. Fight moves to the ropes...T-Bone lands a big right hand. Holland sends one back. Back and forth striking...T-Bone hits a haymaker which wakes Holland up...multiple uppercuts and forearms. Overhead belly-to-belly from Holland. Clubbing blows to T-Bone's head, followed by a short-armed lariat. T-Bone evades a strike and connects with another flurry. Vertical suplex from T-Bone. Holland doesn't stay down long. T-Bone sets up for a powerbomb...Holland escapes and headbutts him. Another one. Alabama slam from Holland. He picks T-Bone up...Norther Grit (Emerald Flowsion). It's over.

Ridge Holland wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that Holland has yet to be defeated since debuting for NXT UK.

A special look at the WWE 24 for WrestleMania 35. Tyler Bate versus A-Kid is made official for next week. Also Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis street fight has been confirmed.

Main event time. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are out first, followed by their tag partner Dave Mastiff. Imperium (Fabian Aichner, Alexander Wolfe, and Marcel Barthel) are out next. UK champion WALTER is not with them.

Imperium versus Flash Morgan Webster/Fabian Aichner/Dave Mastiff

Andrews and Barthel begin. Tie-up. Clear size advantage for Barthel. Aichner tags...arm drag straight into an armbar. Andrews breaks free and tags in Webster. Inverted senton for a nearfall. Mastiff comes in next and runs through Aichner and Wolfe. Meanwhile, Andrews talkes out Barthel with a headscissor. Standing moonsault from Webster, followed by some tandem offense from Andrews and Mastiff. The babyfaces isolate Barthel...Webster frankensteiners Wolfe but Wolfe responds with a German suplex. Aichner lays into Websteer with chops and stomps. Tree of Woe...Imperium takes their turns wearing Webster down. Spinebuster/PK combo from Imperium. Cover...Webster stays alive. Webster manages to make the tag to Mastiff, who runs over and dumps Wolfe over the top and hits a rolling senton, followed by a regular senton onto Aichner. Andrews gets tagged right back in for some reason. Diving crossbody to Aichner. Stundog millionaire connects. Webster and Andrews follow up with suicide dives. Meanwhile back in the ring...WALTER goes to attack Mastiff behind the referee's back but Mastiff evades it. This leads to Imperium taking Andrews out with an assisted brainbuster to pick up the win.

Imperium win by pinfall

Afterwards Mastiff and WALTER have an epic staredown, indicating a future matchup.

That's the show friends.