Jazzy Gabert spent less than a year in NXT UK before departing earlier this year. She cited creative frustrations and she went into more detail about those when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"Yes of course [there were frustrations] but they could have been more creative with my storylines," stated Gabert. "I was in TNA before and they had a similar storyline as a bodyguard for someone. I don't know but it's not cool. Okay I'm a big girl so it's limited but look at Nia Jax. She's not a bodyguard or look at other companies with Jessika Havok. You need to beat these girls up and then one day one girl will beat you and she's the next superstar. It's so easy, right?"

Gabert said that things were promised to her and then ultimately not delivered. She also mentioned that the UK indie style is very pretty and not her style.

"I love to be more of a showgirl. I love Brock Lesnar matches. That's my kind of thing as I love the entertainment part of wrestling," said Gabert. "I will never be a Dean Malenko or Eddie Guerrero super-technical type of wrestler. I just found that it was not the right place for me."

Gabert's experience in NXT UK wasn't the best but she was asked about the locker room as a whole and how the morale is there.

"Everyone is freaking grateful to be there and they see opportunity. Look at WALTER – he's not even there for a year and he's already doing well. Look at Kay Lee Ray – she's there for a half-year and is already getting the title. Of course, the more successful you are then the more money you make," said Gabert.

"They are still young and doing indie bookings but I think to myself, if I do these indie bookings and make more money, I'm still hurting my body. I personally think every wrestler has so many bumps in their bodies. I wanted to save myself for WWE and not get injured on the indie scene. If I was 10 years younger, everything would have been so different."

Speaking of the NXT UK locker room, Gabert talked a bit about WALTER and the work he is doing.

"He is amazing and I love IMPERIUM and what they're doing. Of course I'm proud of them because they're representing Germany, but it's amazing," said Gabert who hails from Germany herself.

Gabert admitted that she didn't watch Survivor Series but she responded to WALTER's complaints about Survivor Series and him not caring much about being a part of it.

"That's selfish to look at. I would give everything just to be out there for a minute," stated Gabert. "Even if they put me on a team that I don't get along with… But I would enjoy it because I get the chance to portray myself."

Apart from the creative issues that played a part in her departure, Gabert also revealed the backstage atmosphere that also hastened her desire to leave NXT UK.

"There were a lot of things. If you were the new girl, which I was, then it's like school and they have cliques. Maybe you don't fit in and then more new girls come in and they don't fit and you're stuck in between. I'm too old for this kind of stuff," admitted Gabert.

"I personally think wrestling – not just girls – but everyone should work together. We're just a small part in this world compared to something like the NFL. We just fight each other – I see AEW and WWE and how much the fans hate each other but we should stick together. But we don't and we bash each other and it's really sad."

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