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No cold open. Straight into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today's show takes place from Barbican England. They hype today's main event, which is sees Toni Storm challenge Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK women's championship in an "I Quit" match. A video is played showing the rivalry between Ray and Storm that dates back to NXT UK Takeover Cardiff when Ray became the new champion of the division.

Our first matchup of the day will be a tag team bout between The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) and the Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake).

Grizzled Young Veterans versus The Hunt

The Hunt stars off hot. They isolate Drake away from Gibson and take him down with some tandem offense. Gibson eventually gets tagged in and slows The Hunts momentum. Quick tags from GYV keeps The Hunt grounded. Drake nails Boar with a huge back breaker. To the outside...GYV double-team Boar. They toss him back inside and Gibson tags back in. Huge powerslam. He applies a cobra clutch. Fans trying to rally Boar back into the match. He manages to escape the hold and bring in Primate for the hot tag. Primate comes flying out of the corner hitting running attacks on both Drake and Gibson. He sets Gibson up...exploder suplex. Multiple lariats to GYV, followed by a spear. GYV sets Primate up for a Doomsday Device...he avoids it by shoving Gibson into the corner, then sends him flying with an overhead belly to belly. Tandem German suplexes from the Hunt. They go after Drake with a double team powerbomb. GYV once again isolate Boar away from Primate...they nail Ticket To Mayhem...that'll do it.

Grizzled Young Veterans win by pinfall

After a quick commercial break there's a short video package on Ridge Holland. Commentary tells us that he will be in action next week.

Footage of Kassius Ohno talking smack to Jack Starz at the UK Performance Center sets up the next bout between the two.

Kassius Ohno versus Jack Starz

Tie-up. Ohno immediately targets the arm. Starz shows off his power with a big suplex. Nice sequence of chain wrestling...Starz rolls Ohno up...only two. He goes to the middle ropes...flying uppercut knocks the big man down. Starz hooks Ohno's arms...double-underhook suplex. Ohno uses his wrestling IQ to retake control. He catches Starz in the Kassius Clutch. Starz tries to fight out, but eventually he taps out giving Ohno the win in a short one.

Kassius Ohno wins by submission

Ohno worked over Starz's arm early on. Starz came back with an impressive suplex, showing off his strength.

We see Travis Banks training at the UK Performance Center when he's confronted by Imperium's Alexander Wolfe. Banks challenges Wolfe to a match and he accepts. It's made official for next week's show.

A-Kid makes his way to the ring next. He'll be facing...Brian Kendrick.

A-Kid versus Brian Kendrick

Tie-up. Pace gets set very quick by Kid who has incredible speed. He holds his own. Kendrick is forcedto escape to the ropes. Armbar applied by Kid. He follows up with a dropkick but Kendrick shows off his veteran prowess by snapping at Kid's arm, then yanking his head and neck over the ring ropes. Kendrick soften ups Kid's neck for the Bully Choke (Captain's Hook). Kid mounts a comeback...dropkick sends Kendrick to ringside. Kid is in position...suicide dive connects. He keeps the pressure on and ends up on the ring steps where he hits Kendrick with a moonsault. Back in the inside Kid climbs....flying crossbody for a nearfall. Kendrick bounces off the ropes...tilt-a-whirl arm bar. Kendrick is in a tough spot...he manages to break the hold by getting to the ropes. He slides to the outside. Kid goes for another high-risk maneuver...Kendrick uses the ropes to make Kid fall. He sets up Kid on the top...double-underhook superplex. Bully Choke is in! Kid struggles....he escapes! Kid to his feet....springboard backflip DDT. em!

A-Kid wins by pinfall

Promo from the Bomber Dave Mastiff. He's preparing for next week's NXT UK title showdown with WALTER. Mastiff claims that WALTER stands for everything he hates, mainly mentioning how he's greedy. He says that he needs this match to prove that he belongs.

Main event time. Toni Storm is out first, followed by the champion, Kay Lee Ray. Here we go.

Kay Lee Ray versus Toni Storm "I Quit" Match for the NXT UK Women's Championship

Brawl to start. They're really laying into each other. Fight moves to the outside. Storm gains the advantage and slams Ray's head into the ring post. Action moves back to the inside. German suplex from Storm. She ties Ray up in the STF submission. Ray gets to the ropes but there's no DQ so Storm keeps it locked in before eventually letting go. Ray shakes it off...she hits a tornado DDT on Storm, then traps her in the ropes screaming at her to quit. Ray sets up for the gory special...Storm counters into an octopus stretch. Ray doesn't quit...Storm angrily goes to the outside and grabs a table. Ray follows Storm out and smashes her into the steel steps. Suplex attempt...Storm blocks it...she shifts behind for a German suplex but Ray fights out of her grip. Storm sets Ray up on the table and climbs to the second rope...splash sends them both through the table! They both end up on the apron after recovering...Storm Zero attempt on the apron...Ray has it scouted and sends Storm back into the ring. Storm responds with an elbow. Back to the outside...Ray nails a draping DDT from the apron to the arena floor. Ray ties Storm's hands behind her back with ring tape. She goes to use a chair...Storm headbutts her but Ray puts the chair over Storm's neck and superkicks it! She stomps the chair around Storm's neck! General manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala run out. Ray is threatening to jump onto the chair around Storm's neck from the top rope, with serious concern that this could end Storm's career. Piper Niven is also at ringside looking very concerned. Storm teases...crowd is very loud...Storm is forced to quit.

Kay Lee Ray retains the NXT UK Women's Championship

Commentary immediately remind us that Storm can never challenge for the UK women's championship again as long as Ray holds it. She's checked on by medical officials and Niven. Ray poses with the belt.

That's the show friends.