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A video package plays hyping today's main NXT UK title showdown between the champion WALTER and Big Dave Mastiff. Mastiff calls himself the most powerful man that WALTER has ever faced, and claims "there is no quit in me." He promises to end the Imperium leader's reign.

Intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. They take us to the ring announcer for our opening contest.

The Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks makes his way out. His opponent...Imperium's Alexander Wolfe.

Travis Banks versus Alexander Wolfe

Wolfe goes for a pump kick but Banks dodges and nails a dropkick sending Wolfe to the outside. Bottom rope suicide dive from Banks connects! He throws him back in the ring for an early cover...not even close. Wolfe hits the pump kick this time to slow Banks' momentum. He traps Banks in the corner and uppercuts him to the back of the head. Wolfe applies a modified clutch in an attempt to wear Banks down. Scoop slam for a nearfall. Banks battles out of a headlock. Wolfe makes him pay by whipping him into the turnbuckles. Banks evades a charging attack and lays into Wolfe's gut with right hands. Rolling forearm by Banks. He hits a series of basement corner dropkicks, then follows up with a rope-assisted double-stomp. Wolfe slides to ringside again. PK by Banks from the apron.

Back in the ring...Banks lands another double-stomp this time from the top. Crowd gives him a round of applause. Stiff kicks from Banks to the back of Wolfe. Wolfe catches a PK but Banks keeps the pressure on...he goes for the Kiwi Crusher...Wolfe counters with a final-cut. Both men talk trash...back and forth striking...Wolfe wins the exchange with a release German suplex. He goes for a powerbomb...Banks has it scouted and uses the ropes to connect with slice of heaven. Wolfe rolls to the apron and Banks meets him there...he sets up for the Kiwi Crusher again...Wolfe rakes the eyes....powerbomb attempt but Banks escapes and ties Wolfe up in the ropes. He double-stomps him into the apron. Wolfe shakes it off and neckbreakers Banks onto the arena floor. He throws him back in...DDT. Cover...Banks kicks out. Eventually Wolfe hits the sit-out powerbomb for the victory.

Alexander Wolfe wins by pinfall

Promo from Eddie Dennis. "Everyone's always astounded that I went from the principle of a private school to a professional wrestler. I'm a graduate of a red-brick university with a pure degree in mathematics. In the was my job to mold the minds of the young people. Any pro wrestler can manipulate a body part...but it takes a certain level of intellect to manipulate the mind."

Commercial for WWE shop.

A look at the NXT UK tag team division, including highlighting the current division champions, Gallus. (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey)

Saxton Huxley makes his way to the ring for our next matchup. He'll be facing...Ridge Holland.

Saxton Huxley versus Ridge Holland

Brawl to start. Huxley rocks Holland with elbows and a corner discus lariat. Holland shoves Huxley off and catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly. Holland bounces off the ropes...huge shoulder tackle sends Huxley flying. He picks him up...Alabama slam. Northern Grit connects. This one is over quick.

Ridge Holland wins by pinfall

A look at the tale of the tape between WALTER and Dave Mastiff ahead of their main event NXT UK title matchup.

WrestleMania 36 hype video featuring WWE champion Brock Lesnar and Universal champion Bill Goldberg.

NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin sends a video promo from the Performance Center in Florida. He promises to return to NXT UK next week. "The Irish Ace is coming home."

Women's division action is next. Isla Dawn is out first. Aoife Valkyrie is second.

Isla Dawn versus Aoife Valkyrie

Tie-up. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. Valkyrie powers her to the mat. Crucifix roll-up...only two but Valkyrie keeps a wristlock applied. Dawn reverses the pressure and now has wrist-control. She pins Valkyrie to the mat for a cover...Valkyrie bridges out. Monkey-flip from Valkyrie...Dawn shoves her off and hits a monkey-flip of her own but Valkyrie lands on her feet. Quick pin attempts from both women. Dawn shows off her flexibility by evading an attack and doing the splits...they have a staredown and reset. Valkyrie runs through Dawn and follows up with a standing moonsault. Dawn responds by backing Valkyrie into the corner...she hits a 619 knocking Valkyrie's legs out. She climbs...flying meteora connects. Cover...Valkyrie just kicks out at two. Dawn picks up Valkyrie with a waistlock...Valkyrie breaks free and drops Dawn with a series of kicks. She climbs to the top...flying scissor kick. It's over.

Aoife Valkyrie wins by pinfall

Advertisement for the Elimination Chamber pay per view. No specific matches are highlighted.

Ligero speak to the press regarding Noam Dar's recent comments. "Six months ago Joseph Conners had a lot to say about me. Prior to that...Jordan Devlin had something to say about me, and now Noam Dar has something to say." Ligero says he's spoken to General Manager Johnny Saint and that he and Dar will be colliding on next week's NXT UK.

Main event time. The Bomber...Dave out first. The champion WALTER is out next. Here we go.

WALTER versus Dave Mastiff for the NXT U.K. championship

Tie-up. Mastiff goes for the wrist...Walter traps him in the corner and goes for a chop...Mastiff dodges and runs into the one moves. Walter hits the shoulder block this time but Mastiff doesn't move. Back and forth...Mastiff hits a flying crossbody for a two count. Headlock. Mastiff lands clubbing blows to the back of Walter. The champ goes for a sleeper but Mastiff blocks it. Running boot from Walter. He goes for a powerbomb...Mastiff back body drops him, then sits for a nearfall. Mastiff targets the back with a huge forearm. Back and forth strikes...Mastiff sends Walter into the turnbuckles with a release German. He goes for the cannonball...Walter cuts him off with a huge dropkick. He sets up for the powerbomb again but again Mastiff back body drops him.

Walter gets to his feet and chops Mastiff. Big boot. Mastiff shakes it off and unloads a flurry of strikes...Walter slows him with a forearm to the chest. Walter climbs...big splash misses! Rebound German by Mastiff. He picks Walter up and hits the rolling senton. Cover...Walter sneaks a shoulder up at the last second. Mastiff attempts the cannonball...Walter moves. Dropkick from Walter misses and Mastiff sentons him. To the corner...cannonball lands! Walter kicked out! Mastiff can't believe it. He climbs to the top...Walter clubs the leg and Mastiff has a nasty fall. The champ bounces off the ropes for a huge lariat...Mastiff surprises him with one of his own! Walter chops Mastiff in the throat...powerbomb...that'll do it.

WALTER wins by pinfall to retain the NXT U.K. championship

Post match Walter celebrates as the U.K. fans give him a warm ovation.

That's the show friends.